Most people, at one time or another, consider going on an amazing adventure to a remote and exotic place. Some of the prerequisites to fit that particular adventure would be incredible sights, pristine beaches, and a smorgasbord of unusual cuisines that delight the senses. The Andaman Islands represent all of the above and so much more. But how do you get there?Planning a trip to the far reaches of the Andaman Sea is not something that should be taken lightly.

Nor is it something that can be well arranged at the last minute. The best way to experience the marvels of the Andaman Islands is to purchase a Andaman tour package including airfare. Of course, as you may have surmised, the Andaman tour package cost is a considerable investment that needs careful deliberation. Follow along below to find the best way to paradise.
The Plan If you have traveled anywhere you know that proper planning is the key to a successful trip.


There are a few things that you should keep in mind.Timing is everything. When planning a trip of this magnitude, you need to start at least three to six months in advance. Otherwise, you will miss little details and encounter a higher likelihood of mistakes.Group thinking. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, corporate trip, or family vacation, consider the number of people in your party. Generally, you will receive better prices when there are more people in your group.

Though it may help mitigate costs to go in larger numbers, remember that you will be less likely to do what you desire. In an endeavor to keep the larger tour groups together, the guides will move fairly quickly in an effort to appease everyone.You should make a list of the top activities that you absolutely want to experience while in the Andaman Islands. It also would not hurt to research the local venues and landmarks that may interest you.I would recommend visiting the famous havelock island and the Baratang Island jungle safari to get a full experience of the Andaman Islands.

For example, would you rather paddle or scuba dive into the depths of an endless cascade of ocean life? Or perhaps you would like to discover the uncharted wilderness of hiking the majestic hills? Think hard so that you don’t regret missing out on the beauty of the Andaman Islands.
The Purchase An Andaman tour package cost will vary depending on your length of stay. You can choose anywhere from three nights to three weeks. But staying on a true budget and customizing a trip that fits your needs is a tricky beast altogether. Do your homework. Shop around. Weigh the pros and cons of each tour.

Most packages may include airfare, hotel stay, meals, and group activities. Do not fall for the first great deal that falls into your lap. Many sites and agencies will try and sell you a tour package by convincing you that you will never, ever find another deal this good. Do not fall for it. This can’t be stressed enough: take your time. Read reviews, use legitimate sources before making a final decision. After all, this is a trip of a lifetime.


Here’s a video explaining the various destinations in the Andaman Islands.